Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Support for families

We have had hundreds of families write to us since the publication of 'The Cannabis Diaries', most saying that they urgently need support. So, in response we are setting up Telephone Support Workshops. Free taster sessions are being held this coming week - they last 90 minutes and give families a chance to share their experiences and, quite simply, to talk about cannabis. There are two workshops you can join, all you pay for is the cost of the call, which is minimal. Chaired by TAC, the idea of the sessions is mutual understanding through mutual experience. They take the form of conference calls. It is easy to join, and you don't even have to leave home, and you can be anywhere in the world. One of our parents is living in in Spain but will be joining the conversation. Although the names and location of families is different there is one common factor that links us all - the use of cannabis among teens and 'tweens'(ages 10 - 13). We can support one another and learn from one another. The sessions are being held on Monday 22 March at 6.30 and Saturday 27 March at 10 am. You can email us to book your free place: debra@talkingaboutcannabis.com.

Our six week course of workshops will begin proper in April, and will include guest speakers. We shall all meet for a networking session in the Summer term. We look forward to talking about cannabis with you.
Best wishes Debra Bell

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